Regulations of the 15th Cairo International Film Festival

For Children 4 10 March 2005


Article 1:The 15th Cairo International Film Festival for Children will be held during the period from 3 10 March 2005.

Article 2:The aim of the festival is to sustain and encourage the artistically appreciated Films and programs interested in world problems of Children and Youth in all levels (Local and International). And aiming to collaborate in their bringing up guiding their behavior and in their entertainment.

Article 3:The Festival includes the following films:

1-    Feature films for Children's and Youths up to 14 years

      old and for their families.

2-    Short documentary and education films.

3-    Cartoon films.

4-    TV films and programs.

Article 4:    The Films will be shown in the following sections:

1-      Official Competition (including a section for each

       category mentioned in article (3).

2-      Out of competition.

3-      Information section.

4-      Festival of Festivals.

Article 5:    Competition Section:

1-    Long Feature films.

2-    Short Feature films.

3-    Long TV programs (Video).

4-    Short TV programs and Cartoon (Video).

Article 6:    General conditions for participation in the different                  sections.

-         Feature Films must be on 35mm.

-         Films on Video-Cassettes VHS should be delivered

        and previewed by the selection committee.

-         The following should be sent for each film:

-         Entry form fully filled.

-         Photographs and publicity material.

-         Press File. 

Article 7:    The International Juries:

              The Festival's Management will incorporate two               International Juries : One for Feature & Short Films and               the other for TV. Films and programs & Cartoons.

              Each jury will include experts and children from all over                the world.

               Concerning the participant children, their artistic                knowledge and information about the production is                required.

Article 8:    Prizes:

             The two juries will attribute three prizes to the best three               films in each category of the competition (Article 5).

1-    First Prize: Golden Cairo

2-    Second Prize: Silver Cairo

3-    Third Prize: Bronze Cairo


Article 9:  The Festival's Management has the right to invite some             films of special importance to participate at any section              of the Festival.


Article 10: Films participating in any section of the Festival which              are in their original language must be with English or              French subtitles.


Article 11: Entry forms, special information and necessary publicity              material for each film must be sent to the Secretariat of              the festival before February 1st 2005. Definitive print of              each participating film must arrive to the Customs Agent                of the Festival at Cairo International Airport before 10th               of February 2005.


Article 12: Participants will bear the costs of shipment from the               print's origin to Cairo Airport. The Festival will insure               the costs of returning the print from Cairo Airport to its               origin within 15 days, after the end of the festival.               Packages containing films and numbered reels should be               provided with labels indicating the name of the festival in              RED letters. Participants must inform the Festival's Management with dispatching details of their films by Fax.


Article 13:  The Festival insures the print of the film since its                reception at Cairo International Airport and till its                dispatching to its origin.

-  Should a print be lost, the responsibility of the festival will be limited only to the extent of the value indicated by the producer on the entry form.

-    Should a print be damaged the producer must sent an approved laboratory bill no later than one month after receiving his print in order not to lose his right at the Insurance Company.  


Article 14:  These Regulations have been written in Arabic and                 translated to English and in case of conflicting                 interpretations, the Arabic text will be referred to.


Article 15:  Participating in the festival implies full acceptance of all               conditions mentioned in these Regulations.


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